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Tuscany Villa Holiday - Villa Accommodation - View Across The Valley from Villa Papavero

The ideal place for a perfect tuscany villa holiday - a beautifully restored historic farmhouse, set in the unspoilt countryside of Lunigiana

Villa Position

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Papavero is on the rise of a hill, 254 meters above sea level, in Molesana Sopra, a small rural village in the Tuscan countryside, in a region called Lunigiana. This superb villa position offers a variety of wonderful countryside and mountain panoramas. Click on Photos-Albums-Slideshows to see our gallery of slideshows, including one of the villa exterior and another showing views from the garden.


It is within 25 minutes of some of Italy's most stunning coastline and beautiful beaches. Click the following link to use Google mapping to view Villa Papavero .


Set in the Land of a Hundred Castles, it is on the site of a 16th.Century Sanctuary, where travellers and pilgrims would rest on their journeys. Views around the villa are spectacular. Farmland, hills, valleys and vineyards suround the site. Monti castle and two distinct mountain ranges can be seen in the distance.


The villa is in an extremely peaceful situation on a small cul de sac leading to an agriturismo, the Picchio Verdi (green woodpecker). An agriturismo is a farm-based restaurant/hotel with high quality regional meals, from local ingredients, at very reasonable prices. A stroll to the Picchio Verdi is an absolute must. There is little traffic and peace is all around.


There are less than a dozen houses spread through the village, and they are all owned by local Italians who mostly work the land. There is also a small, local camp/caravan site, Farm-Camping Ulivetta  providing inexpensive additional accommodation.


The whole area is very green, even in the height of summer. It has the same mild climate as southernTuscany and though the summers can be very hot (30+ degrees C), although it is not an intense dry heat.

Tuscany Villa Holiday - Villa Accommodation - Villa Position - View across the Valley Tuscany Villa        Holiday - Villa Accommodation - Villa Position - The Road to Piccio Verdi

View Across the Valley

The Road to Piccio Verdi

If a complete rest, away from city life, is what you need, then Papavero will provide it. There are enough lovely local walks to fill all of your days. The area is enriched by a large variety of wild life, especially birds. Because of the villa position you can't help but relax.


The villa's postal address is:

Villa Papavero

Via Molesana 42
54016 Amola MS

In surprising contrast to the tranquiity of this lush countryside, you are only half an hour away from beautiful mediterranean beaches, and an hour from high mountain slopes (with skiing in winter). Similarly, in an hour's drive you can reach the Cinque Terre , a U.N.E.S.C.O.  World heritage site, consisting of five villages on a strip of beautiful and stunning coastline.


Portofino, Portavenere, Pisa, Lucca, Parma and Florence are an easy drive away. You have a wide variety of beautiful destinations available, whether your interests are adventure, nature, scenery, history, art or shopping. Click below to see Google Maps showing the villa position relative to Aulla, our nearest town, and the proximity of Aulla to beaches and major towns/cities:


Use Google Mapping to View Villa Papavero

Villa Papavero can be seen on Google Earth. If you don't have a copy of Google Earth then click  on Download Google Earth to download a free copy.


Once you have installed the Google Earth application the easiest way to see the exact location of Villa Papavero is by clicking this link Papavero Placemark in Google Earth. When asked, open the file offered to you, villa-papavero.kml. This file launches your Google Earth application complete with a Google Placemark for Villa Papavero. Please be patient though - there is a 1 minute pause during the zooming-in  process.


Alternatively, you can search manually by launcing the Google Earth application, typing Molesana, Tuscany, Italy into the <Fly To> box and clicking the <View> icon. After ~ one minute a view of the immediate area can be seen. The village of Amola can be seen in the bottom left of the screen and Villa Papavero is shown centre right, just below the text Via Molesana.


Villa Papavero can also be easily found in Google Maps. In this case there is no special Google application to download. Just click the following link,Papavero Placemark in Google Maps


Google Earth and Google Maps are great ways to explore the area around Villa Papavero. If you are not interested in loading the Google Earth application then back on the previous page, there is a link to a static image of a selected Google Earth image, viewing Papavero from the East. There is also a similar static image from Google Maps.

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