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Tuscany Villa Holiday - Villa Accommodation - View Across The Valley from Villa Papavero

The ideal place for a perfect tuscany villa holiday - a beautifully restored historic farmhouse, set in the unspoilt countryside of Lunigiana

Villa Garden & Patios

Tuscany Villa Holiday>Villa Garden

The breakfast room patio doors provide the easiest access to the villa outdoors. Papavero's villa garden has fabulous countryside and mountain views (see photo above) and four patios. Click on Photos-Albums-Slideshows to see our gallery of slideshows, including one of the villa exterior and another showing views from the garden.

There is a dining patio and a large BBQ patio at the rear, along with a storage room and a garden room, providing shelter from either sun or breeze. This area can accommodate up to 20 people and is used as the main sun patio.

There is another large patio to the side and a smaller villa patio in the front garden. There are enough sun beds, chair loungers and outdoor seats for everyone to relax.

 Garden Swing The 
 Main Rear Patio

The Garden Swing

The Main Rear Patio


There are gardens to the front and side with numerous shrubs and seven varieties of fruit and nut trees.  Feel free to pick any fruit growing on our land. There are apples, pears, figs, persimmons, grapes, hazelnuts and walnuts, and some we haven't yet identified! There is also a large pasture adjoining the villa.

The garden layout is shown in the schematic below. The ground floor plan of the villa (white with black outline) is shown simply to establish its position within the garden. This ground floor plan of the villa is shown in a larger format, as a separate page, accessed from the 'Villa Accommodation' section of the website.

Tuscany Villa Holiday - Villa Gardens - Schematic Plan of Villa, Patios and Garden

A wide variety of wildlife can be seen in the villa garden. We have seen fire-flies, small geckos, black squirrels, bats, owls, green woodpeckers and many other species of birds. Eagles and buzzards fly over the mountains so binoculars and a telescope are available for your use.

 Car Parking

There is plenty of room to park several cars on hard standing at the bottom of the large pasture, approximately 150 metres from the villa. Using this rear entrance to the villa is generally easier than using the side access drive. This also avoids the intrusion of cars in the villa garden and patio area.

If required, there is room for one car at the top of the access drive, next to the villa, and another car could be parked on the road outside Papavero. These options are particularly convenient when dropping off or picking up.


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