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Tuscany Mountain Walking & Climbing Proposals

A Summary of Day Walks + Links to Detailed Descriptions, Maps, Photos & Digitised Downloads

Background Information

Guide Books & Maps

Walk Grading System - used to determine walk grades

KTS Walking Group

David Loveday (co-owner of Villa Papavero) and John Holden (author of this website) are members of a walking group known as "King Ted's Skins", based in Sheffield , their home town. This walking group was formed in 1984 and began taking annual walking holidays together in1985. For 15 years these holidays were spent in the UK in a variety of locations including the Peak District, The Lake District, The Yorkshire Dales, Snowdonia and Scotland.

However, in 1991, after cancelling a Scotland holiday due to a "foot & mouth" outbreak, KTS ventured abroad for the first time, visiting the Sierra Nevada in southern Spain. Since then the group has preferred the adventure and the better weather of holidays in mainland Europe. We have visited Spain(x3), Sardinia, the French Alps(x2), the Italian Dolomites(x2) and for the last 3 years, Villa Papavero, here in Lunigiana in Northern Tuscany.

The recommended walks below have been researched and documented by John, initially for use by the "KTS Walking Group". Their existence owes much to the guide books and maps referenced within our " Guide Books and Maps " page. Many of the routes have Easier and/or Harder options described, and the hardest variants may include scrambling and/or Via Ferrata sections. The walks are all documented in considerable detail. Click on a Walk Title in the table below to see its detailed description, maps & photos. For those of you interested in seeing how KTS spend the rest of their holiday, in and around Villa Papavero, visit our KTS at Ease page.


Those routes that have already been walked by members of the KTS group have had their detailed descriptions enhanced by suitable photographs, interspersed with the descriptive text. Within this text, photographs are indicated by a camera icon -Blue Camera Image for Linking Photos . Clicking this icon displays a photograph appropriate to the adjacent description. Subsequent clicking of the "Previous Page" icon (or pressing the <Backspace> key) closes the photograph and returns to the descriptive text.

Those walks whose descriptions have been enhanced with photographs in this way are distinguished by the presence of a "P " in the left hand column of the table below. Those without a P are "future walk options", ready for KTS to explore during a future holiday at Villa Papavero. The descriptions of such walks are "predictive" and have been created through detailed study of the maps and other research material. 

The detailed description pages for walks with Photos also provide links to view the whole set of photographs as a YouTube Video, either locally within this WebSite, or remotely on YouTube's WebSite. There is also a link which allows the photos to be viewed in higher resolution as a user-controlled Picasa SlideShow.

List of Recomm ended Walks (click on a "Walk Title" in the table below for detailed route maps & descriptions)

Safety Warning: Most of these walks are in a high mountain environment and require the appropriate stamina, knowledge & experience, and in some cases specialist climbing equipment. Many of the routes become dangerous in bad weather and should not be attempted in such circumstances.

Anyone choosing to follow these walks does so at their own risk and is exclusively responsible for their own safety . The relevant map should be carried at all times - see the recommendations on the "Guide Books and Maps " page.


Walk Title

Click-Title-For-Full Descriptions etc.    

Mountain Range


Walk Style

Walk Grade


Flat Speed (mph)

Dist.(miles) Ascent (metres) Hill
Trip Time






Monte Alto Apennines 0:50 Circular EE 1904 2.0 7.6   643 6:00 7:40 E VF


Pizzo d'Uccello Apuane 1:00 Circular EE 1781 1.5 5.3   631 6:00 8:00 E        S


Tordini Galligani Apuane 1:10 Circular EE 1465 1.5 4.4   820 5:30 7:50 E VF


Vias Lizza & Vandelli Apuane 1:00 Circular EE 1597 2.0 6.3 1170 6:30 8:30 E  H VF


Monte Bocco Apennines 0:30 Circular E 1791 2.0 7.4   892 6:30 7:30    


Torrente Bagnone Apennines


Point to Point T 1400 2.0 7.7   660 6:30 7:50




Cinque Terre Coastal 3:00 >
1:15 <
Point to Point T   400 2.7 8.8   558 6:30


E   H



Monte Pisanino  Apuane 1:00 Circular EE+ 1947 1.5 6.6   986 7:00 9:00




Monte Altissimo Apuane 1:10 Circular EE 1589 2.0 5.8   626 5:00





Monte Tambura Apuane 1:20 Out & Back EE 1895 2.0 7.4 1095 6:30 9:10



  Cima Buffanaro Apennines 0:30 Circular EE 1878 1.7 7.4   800 6:30 7:30 E VF
  Monte Sagro Apuane 1:00 Circular T 1748 2.0 7.8   549 6:00 8:00        H


  Torrente Rosaro Apennines 0:45 Circular T 1260 1.7 4.7   410 5:00 6:30  


  Monte Grondilice Apuane 1:00 Out & Back E 1805 1.7 5.4   819 6:00 8:00    
 P Ferrata Contrario Apuane 1:00 Point to Point EE++ 1635 1.0 2.5 1259 6:00 7:00   VF
  Forbice & Grondilice Apuane 1:00 Point to Point EE 1805 1.4 5.2   362 6:00 7:00          S
  Lago Paduli Apennines 0:30 Circular T 1425 1.7 5.0   281 5:00 6:00    
  Penna di Sumbra Apuane 1:15 Circular EE 1765 1.7 6.9   965 6:30 9:00   VF
  Montemarcello Magra Coastal 0:45 Circular E   260 2.2 8.8   520 7:00 8:30       E




Digitised Versions of Routes for use in GPS Devices & Google Earth

Some of these walks are available in the form of  "digital" routes for use in GPS enabled devices and/or Google Earth. A separate Web Page has been created to explain how to download routes as .GPX files for entry into a GPS device, and/or as Google Earth route files (.KML files) for display and fly-through in Google Earth.

There is also a description of how to use a .KML file in Google Earth (where Routes are known as "Tours") and a detailed description on how to set-up Google Earth parameters to get the best Fly-Through results. Google Earth Enthusiasts Click Here .

Enhanced Use of  3rd Party .GPX files in Google Earth

Unfortunately the facility provided in Google Earth to open .GPX files creates a limited form of Google Earth Route (Tour). The most significant limitation is that the "Elevation Profile & Statistics" function cannot be used on Routes (Tours) created in this way.

However, this shortfall can be mitigated by saving the imported Google Earth Route as an external .kml file and then deleting the file initially created from the .gpx file. Subsequent loading of the new .kml file in Google earth creates a Route with full functionality.

Alternatively there are 3rd party facilities available on the Internet to convet a .gpx file into a .kml file.  Click Here for an example.

Such converted files can then be opened in Google Earth to create a Route (Tour) with full functionality, including "Elevation Profile & Statistics" and "Fly-Through". The instructions on how to do this are available on this WebSite.  Click Here   to view.


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