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Tuscany Villa Holiday - Villa Accommodation - View Across The Valley from Villa Papavero

The ideal place for a perfect tuscany villa holiday - a beautifully restored historic farmhouse, set in the unspoilt countryside of Lunigiana

Local Shopping

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Villa Papavero is set in the peaceful and beautiful countryside of Lunigiana. In this part of Tuscany local shopping is a happy experience.


The nearby village of Monti, 5 minutes by car, has a doctors, a chemist and a bank. The village shop still survives here too. Local shopping is provided by a variety of village shops including a gelateria (ice cream parlour).


However, the town of Aulla , 10 minutes by car, has much more substantial shopping opportunities, including four local supermarkets which are open all day (Sunday - closed at lunch time). There is also a large selection of specialist shops and a post office. The fresh food sections at the supermarkets are a joy to behold. "Conads" supermarket also has a fresh fish counter.


Other than hypermarkets and supermarkets, many shops are closed at midday for two or three hours, but open early in the morning and don't close until 8 at night. So it's wise to always check opening hours.


Aulla has many other attractions including historic buildings, an excellent market day on Saturday mornings, and a variety of restaurants serving local specialities.


Tuscany Villa   Holiday - Local Shopping - Aulla Castle Tuscany Villa Holiday - Lunigiana - Local 
 Shopping - Shopping in Aulla

Aulla Castle

Shopping in Aulla

Further Afield

There are two Hypermarkets in Sarzana , worth a trip in itself to see the huge variety of goods on sale, all types of fish, meat and pastas etc.


Almost every town has its own market day, or morning, where local shopping becomes a form of entertainment. You can buy fresh food (fish a speciality), clothes, leather goods and jewellery. Aulla (Saturday a.m.), Sarzana (Thursday all day) and Pontremoli (Friday a.m.) are the closest.


Italian designer goods can be bought from a variety of outlets, Forte Dei Marmi has a market on Wednesday morning selling designer goods, whilst Prato (near Florence) has a speciality market on Mondays selling mainly designer goods. Prato also has a variety of conventional shops selling designer goods.


With the exception of Pontremoli, all these towns are South of Aulla. Their locations, relative to Aulla, are shown on the Shopping South Map. Pontremoli is shown on the Shopping North Map .


Food is an Italian passion and so there are specialist food shops in even the smallest town. Additionally each restaurant will have its own unique specialist dishes - well worth trying.

Please visit the Tuscany Tourist WebSite  for more information about Lunigiana in general, and Aulla in particular. Once in the website, just type "Aulla" in the <search> box.

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