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Tuscany Villa Holiday - Villa Accommodation - View Across the Valley from Villa Papavero

The ideal place for a perfect tuscany villa holiday - a beautifully restored historic farmhouse, set in the unspoilt countryside of Lunigiana


Discover Lunigiana - Things to See and Do

Tuscany Villa Holiday>In Lunigiana


Take your Tuscany villa holiday in Villa Papavero in Lunigiana. Nearby, the region's mountains, valleys & coastline provide the opportunity for a multitude of sporting activities. This geography has also moulded the region's rich history and culture, which in centuries past has led to the building of its amazing 100 castles.


A Taster


Clearly, it is not possible for us to identify here all the things there are to see and do in Lunigiana. Accordingly, we have attempted to present just a representative "taster". However, at Villa Papavero, there is a large folder containing a variety of brochures about visits you can make and activities you can try.


We have chosen to present this "taster" information in a number of distinct sections to make it easier to assimilate. Those of you interested in visiting high mountains must visit our Walking & Climbing section below. It includes details of many fantastic day walks. P lease follow the <Poppy Links> below to wet your appetite:











The 3D map of Lunigiana below is the simplest demonstration of the variety and beauty of this region. As you can see, it is the region's stunning geography that has determined its character.



Tuscany - Villa Holiday - 3D Map of Lunigiana - Annotated with Appennines, Apuanes & Aulla

Mountains, valleys and Mediterranean coastline not only provide the opportunity for a multitude of sporting activities, but they are also the reason for the region's rich history and culture, and its 100 castles.


The valleys provide critical routes, through mountain passes, to the rest of western Europe. As a result they have been travelled extensively for thousands of years by both traders and by warring armies. Hence the fascinating history and culture.

Since this 3D map is a 'view' rather than a true map it is difficult to show the scale and the position of Villa Papavero. However, the same area can be viwed in the form of a Google Relief Map by clicking the link. This shows the scale along with the position of Villa Papavero, marked with a blue pin.


Further Information


Because, in this small website, it is impossible to cover a subject as broad and as interesting as Lunigiana, we have provided links below to a variety of professional, tourist-oriented web sites. We hope that they will help you to obtain far more comprehensive and detailed information about the vast opportunities for holiday enjoyment in Lunigiana:




Lands of Lunigiana


 Cinque Terre
 In Garfagnana
 Castles of Lunigiana

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