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 of the valley below Papavero with 
 Alps      behind

The ideal place for a perfect tuscany villa holiday - a beautifully restored historic farmhouse, set in the unspoilt countryside of Lunigiana

Guide Books and Maps

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Guide Books

This whole area of Northern Tuscany (Lunigiana & Garfagnana) and Liguria is still relatively unknown outside Italy and has only developed as a tourist destination in relatively recent times.

As a consequence there are very few English language books about the area, let alone specialised guides covering the sports of walking and climbing. Thus far, we have found 2 exceptions:

1. Tuscany North >  A Rother Walking Guide  > Bergverlag Rother, Munich > ISBN 3-7633-4812-3
2. Trekking in the Apennines > A Cicerone Guide  > Cicerone  > ISBN 13-9781-8528-4416-5

The latter book is concerned entirely with a linear walk along the northerly section of the Grande Escursione Appennica. Although it is an interesting and useful book its scope is limited relative to the needs of walkers/climbers based at Villa Papavero.

The former book provides details of 50 circular walks within the northern Appennines and the Apuane Alps. The walks include a number of optional Via Ferrata and the book includes its own grading system to measure technical difficulty. It is translated from an original German version.

Starting points, walking times and refreshment options are described and small sketch maps are provided. References are also given about the most useful publicly available  maps. There are 18 walks with start points less than an hour and a half from Villa Papavero. This is a highly recommended book.

If you can read Italian then a book entitled "Apuane 35 - Cime in 55 Escursioni" (35 tops in 55 walks) written by Claudio Bocchi and published by Circolo II Grandevetro is even better. It's almost worth its price just for the specialised map of the Apuane Alps and its footpaths & climbs. Its ISBN number is 978-88-86646-22-2.

Recommended Walks

Based on thorough research, using all three books and a variety of maps, we have identified and/or pioneered a number of Recommended Walks for which we have provided detailed route maps, descriptions and height profiles.

Most of these are serious mountain walks (some including Scrambling and/or Via Ferrata) which should not be attempted without proper experience, equipment and the appropriate map, as identified below. Click to view Recommended Walks.

Tuuscany Villa Holiday - Lunigiana - Walking & 
 Climbing - Guidebooks & Maps - Tuscany North Book

Stanford's Cataloque No. 101836

 Villa Holiday - Lunigiana - Walking & 
 Guidebooks & Maps - Trekking in the Appennines       Book

Stanford's Catalogue No. 125040


All maps recommended below relate to the 19 Recommended Walks  and are available for viewing or purchase at www.stanfords.co.uk. Just key in the Stanford's Catalogue No. into the <Search Box> as referenced below.

Road Map

Title: Freytag & Berndt Tuscany-Florence Top 10 Tips Map @1:150,000
Sheet Ref: 5
Stanfords Cataloque No: 118215

Hiking Maps @ 1:50,000

Title: Kompass 50K Hiking Maps GarfagnanaAlpi Apuane-Cararra-Viareggio
Sheet Ref: 646
Stanfords Cataloque No: 50967

Title: Edizioni Multigraphic 50K Walking Maps Versilia Parco Delle Alpi Apuane
Sheet Ref: 511
Stanfords Cataloque No: 8437

Title: Kompass 50K Hiking Maps Cinque Terre
Sheet Ref: 644
Stanfords Cataloque No: 81045

Hiking Maps @ 1:25,000

Title: Edizioni Multigraphic 25K Walking Maps - Parco del Gigante - Appenninno Reggiano Parmense - Lunigiana
Sheet Ref: 14/16
Stanfords Cataloque No: 20633

Title: Edizioni Multigraphic 25K Walking Maps - Appennino Reggiano: Lunigiana - Garfagnana
Sheet Ref: 15
Stanfords Cataloque No: 168714

Title: Edizioni Multigraphic 25K Walking Maps - Appennino Modenese - Garfagnana
Sheet Ref: 18
Stanfords Cataloque No: 168715

Title: Edizioni Multigraphic 25K Walking Maps
Sheet Ref:  101/102
Stanfords Cataloque No: 20630

Title:Edizioni Multigraphic. 1:25,000
Sheet Ref: 506
Stanfords Catalogue No: 153647

Relationship Between Maps @ 1:25,000 and Tuscany North Guidebook Walks

The above 1:25,000 maps cover walks 29 to 46 in the Tuscany North Rother Walking Guide Book recommended above. Details are as follows:

Edizioni Multigraphic 25K Walking Maps

"Tuscany North" Walk Numbers

Sheet 14/16
Sheet 15
Sheet 18
Sheet 101/102

Walks 40,41
Walks 38,39
Walks 31,32,33
Walks 29,30 34,35,36,37 42,43,44,45,46

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